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Fast Follow Co is a marketing and public relations agency that focuses on building client relationships with roots. At Fast Follow Co, we believe that successful marketing really depends on the relationships you create. We focus on helping you create and/or execute a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. We combine branding, messaging, public relations, advertising, digital and social media together to penetrate the market and help your brand become a leader in the industry.


Specializing in small businesses, we want to you help you get started right, not by wasting your money on a less than strategic plan. We provide a more intimate and personal relationship without the high overhead of large agency costs. We hope to grow with you and your brand as you grow year-over-year. Bottom line, we want to help you break through the clutter by saving you time and money along the way.




Marketing Strategy

Public Relations

Project & Account Management

We take a holistic approach when looking at your marketing strategy. We work to find multifaceted solutions to obtain results that support your business objectives. Brand development, brand recognition and brand engagement - the three pillars we build our strategy around to maximize your results and provide a comprehensive solution. Whether you're new to business or need an overall marketing refresh, we're here to help align your marketing and business goals. 

Public relations is a widely undervalued service that can be the difference in increasing brand affinity, credibility and trust for your customers or clients. All PR isn't always good PR, but with a great PR strategy and targeted approach, it can help to put you on the map, or take you to that next level in your business. We know the media landscape and can help you gain coverage locally, and nationally.  

As a business owner or executive, you don't always have the time to manage all the moving pieces of your account or your clients. We happily serve as the name and face of your company to manage your client(s) and/or your projects to ensure efficiency, deadlines are being met and multiple vendors and partners. This frees up your time for the more important tasks at hand, like growing a business. 



Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand forward. We're happy to answer any questions and we look forward to working with you! 

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